il·log·i·cal  illogical


1. Without logic; senseless.
2. Contradicting or disregarding the principles of logic.
3. Someone who, when traveling at the prevailing speed of traffic in an engineered multi-ton steel safety cage uses 3 large, sturdily mounted rearview mirrors, yet when riding unprotected at 10% of the prevailing speed of traffic on a vehicle that weighs less than its operator, uses a disproportionately small-sized, flimsy, constantly vibrating mirror, or worse, rides without a mirror altogether!

The Safe Zone Story

The “Safe Zone” bicycle helmet mirror was invented by Brett Flemming, toolmaker, master bicycle mechanic and owner of Efficient Velo Tools LLC (EVT). Brett founded EVT in 1999 with the mission of building better bike tools (check out our tool website!). One day, as Brett ran a lathe in his machine shop, he came to a realization about the “Loc-Line ®” hose directing coolant at the cutting tool of his lathe. This coolant hose exhibited characteristics ideally suited as a design element in the perfect bicycle helmet mirror… it bent easily and stayed put!

As a lifelong disciple of helmet mounted mirrors, Brett was frustrated with small fields of view, failing adhesives, flimsy plastic and bouncy wires that made existing mirror designs so irritating. He designed this rugged mirror incorporating the “Loc-Line ®” hose elements, a very large mirror, and a mounting system that is clearly superior to competing products.

Brett used the mirror on his commute to his “day job” as General Service Manager of the Bike Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Eventually, Bike Gallery’s head buyer noticed the mirror, and said “Why don’t you make some of those for us, and we will sell them?” The rest is history!

In the toolmaker’s own words: “Originally, I machined the base plate in my shop and assembled the mirror with nuts and bolts. Although that resulted in a mirror that was as rugged and sturdy as I demanded, it was too much work, and, frankly… just homemade in appearance.” Brett explains that “to improve mount-ability, ease of assembly and appearance, I had an injection mold built just up the road from my factory in Vancouver, Washington. You are buying the highest quality helmet mirror made, with the best after the sale support available. Buy with confidence, and most importantly, ride safely.”