Installing the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror:

1. Firmly press mirror assembly and mounting bracket together.

2. Position mirror’s base unit on a lower helmet rib as far forward as possible, so as to ensure that mirror is at least 5″ from your eye. Once position is determined, attach firmly to helmet with a least two zip ties. Trim excess zip tie.

3. Adjust for optimum view by cupping hand over backside of mirror, bending articulating arm as needed. Mirror works best when straight forward, up a little, with ear edge in view.

4. Articulating arm links are snap-fit to allow for shortening or reassembly after hard impacts; bend sharply to break apart, and push together firmly to reassemble. The mounting bracket’s ball is designed to release easily. DO NOT attempt to re-attach while riding if this joint releases during adjustment.

-Zip ties may compromise long-term helmet integrity. Velcro straps can be substituted.
-Direct impact may cause improperly fitted helmets to slip slightly.

Please endeavor to install your Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror as far forward on the helmet as possible. If you feel that it is too far away once installed, links can be taken out.