Efficient Velo Tools LLC

Founded in 1999, Efficient Velo Tools LLC is based in Portland, Oregon, and produces a variety of high-quality tools for professional mechanics and bicycle enthusiasts.

Headed up by expert bicycle mechanic Brett Flemming, EVT tools are handcrafted and made in the U.S. EVT engineers bicycle repair products in a variety of areas, including: bearing and drivetrain; inflation; repair stands and clamps; and wheel building tools.

Many EVT tools are made by hand on restored and reconditioned “manual” machines in our Portland, Oregon workshop. A handful of our tools are subcontracted out to C.N.C. “job shops,” all within a few miles of Portland. The result is carefully crafted tools that enhance efficiency and professionalism in your bike shop.

Additionally, EVT created the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror for cyclists. The Safe Zone evolved from humble beginnings in 1999, when it was imagined, machined, and assembled by master bicycle mechanic Brett Flemming in his home’s garage. After encouragement from both the buyer and the owner of the Bike Gallery, as well as numerous experimentations and prototypes, the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror launched in Bike Gallery stores in Portland, Oregon. As the years went by, Flemming continued refining the design and the mirror grew in popularity. Now, EVT estimates more than 40,000 people across the world use the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror.

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