Who is EVT LLC?

Bicycle tools made in America for Hi-Speed Repair.

Professional-grade instruments evolved in busy service departments and machine shops. Created by mechanics for mechanics. Bike tools that instantly increase productivity and never need to be replaced. Investments so beautifully hand-crafted that they should be on display. Bicycle tools that show your clients how important their vehicle is to you. Serious instruments for serious professionals to facilitate joyous experiences with pneumatic tires rolling on ball bearings.

Years ago, Master Service Manager Brett Flemming demanded solutions for his clients that the available consumer-grade bicycle tools could not provide. Drawing on his machine shop and his legendary bicycle repair prowess, Brett created tools that elevated the mechanics lucky enough to use them. Rigorous testing by the Pacific Northwest’s busiest service staff over years of hi-speed repair refined them. Little tweaks and improvements continue this evolution in EVT’s never-ending drive for perfection.

Today EVT’s selective line of bicycle tools is used and respected by top mechanics around the world. Every one promises to increase profitability while protecting your client’s property and reducing physical strain. Our award-winning Safe Zone Helmet Mirror, a hard-core road safety tool without equal, reflects this philosophy as much as the amazing and beautiful EZ-Lift repair stand.

EVT LLC’s tools exist for good reasons. Most are made by hand in our workshop with our magnificent hand-operated machines. We get the rest made right here in Portland, Oregon by trusted members of our community who we know by name. The best designs made in the USA to our exacting standards: That’s EVT LLC.

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