Introducing Signature Series Pricing

EVT LLC is happy to announce our new Signature Series pricing. The Signature Series tools, including the EZ Lift repair stand, Right Arm Clamp, and Trigger Dishing Tool, are not intended for re-sale. So we’ve done away with retail pricing. They are now one price for everybody!
Our Standard Series products still have the retail prices listed here on the website. Wholesale pricing is available to qualified professionals. If bicycle repair is your chosen profession we are here for you, and please contact us for a wholesale price list.
Check out the improved Smoothie Headset Press, which now comes with precision BB30 bearing installation adapters. The best just got better!

All of our products are guaranteed to increase efficiency immediately or your money back.


  1. Ed

    I’m interested in your Trigger Dishing Tool. What’s the cost? I’m a home mechanic who is a perfectionist and know a perfect tool when I see one. I have a majority of Park Tool equipment and love them but I want a few of my tools to have that “I love this tool” feeling if you know what I mean. Let me know. Thanks

    • Efficient Velo

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the compliment! The Trigger Dishing Gauges are $500. Turnaround time is currently about 60 days. We ask for a 25% deposit, or $125, to get your order in the queue. Please contact me at or call at 971-258-0925 for the payment options. Thanks! -Andy McKerrow, Shop Productivity Advisor

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