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A while ago we showed you a batch of 12 E-Z lift stands all lined up and ready to go. Well here they are in their new home: Trek’s TCS Education classroom in Waterloo, WI. We are proud Trek choose us to supply this facility.Trek knows as well as anyone how critical speed, efficiency, and asset protection are to running a profitable repair department.

The E-Z Lift stands reduce time and liability on every repair that comes in the door. With fingertip-pressure you can lift traditional bikes to proper working height and securely rotate 360 degrees.  For heavier bikes, like cargo or electric models, lifting strength is effectively cut in half. And you don’t have to fiddle awkwardly with a big clamp while holding them in the air.

You need only 2″ of exposed seatpost, round or super-aero, to use the workstand. Re-adjusting posts for an estimate or a flat fix exposes you to risks of which your client will suffer the consequences. Stripped seat binders and loosened inserts are more common now than ever. The Golden Rule to Never Clamp The Frame has gone Platinum, because carbon tubes really hate compression. Hook the saddle on the arm of the clamp? You are on the wrong website and in the wrong profession. Please find a job where you aren’t allowed to touch other people’s property.

If instead you are a serious professional, how does it look to the rider when the first action is to mess with their seat height? I know you’ve been doing it for x-number-of-years, but it’s no longer best practice. They might have just spent hundreds of dollars on a fit. They might travel a lot and know how their trip can be ruined by a broken bolt or stripped insert. The binder might round-out or break in your hands with no replacement available. The seat might end up mis-aligned, or at the wrong height, or loose, or or who knows what else. Why expose your clients to these risks when there’s a better way? Especially considering it saves time, increases versatility, and shows that you insist on the best when it comes to their beloved vehicles?

And let’s be honest: That rag in the clamp around their seatpost is a band-aid needed to complete an incompletely-evolved design. It looks backyard-primitive to your clients, because that’s what it is. We use luxuriously thick leather on the most highly-evolved workstand ever sold. Lovingly hand-machined and welded in Portland, Oregon, and enjoyed by the staff of Trek’s finest retailers. Contact us for availability.





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