EVT at the Olympics

As the Rio Olympics fades from view, we want to give a shout-out to Canadians Catharine Pendrel, Bronze medalist in the Mountain Bike race, and her mechanic Adam Trotter. Like others on the pro circuit, they use our Bleedin’ Gauges to dial in the perfect tire pressure for every course. Adam calls it “The Rolex”. Catharine, a two-time world champion, applied years of hard work and dedication to be in medal contention after the first lap. Then an early mechanical threatened her chances. But Adam was in the pits with a quick and effective repair that got her back in the race. She recovered brilliantly and held on to win the Bronze by just a few seconds. Most of our clients don’t perform on an international stage like this. But every day the mechanics of the world sign up to remove mechanical obstacles so their riders will have the joyful experiences they desire on whatever vehicle they want to use. EVT is proud to produce instruments for professionals like you and Adam, so people like Catharine and the next rider coming in your door will experience mechanical perfection.


Bleedin’ Gauge


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