Interbike Specials for 2016

   EVT and Brett Flemming have been busy in 2016. After expanding the staff to more than double 2015 levels, he’s showing up in Las Vegas at the annual Interbike trade show with amazing Interbike specials, free hourly seminars, updated products in stock, and the team to take EVT into a bright future. “We have the race car built, painted, and driving test-laps around the track,” says Brett. He’ll be joined at Booth #27022 by Production Manager Casey Bolthouse, Sales Manager Andy McKerrow, and inspirational industry hardcore Brian Hinsley. All of EVT’s products are still made in America, either inside or within a few miles of our Portland, OR workshop.

Brett has always done impromptu presentations at the booth. What starts as a quick response to a question inevitably turns into a crowd of people listening, learning, and having their minds blown. There’s just nothing else like it anywhere on the show floor. This year we’re taming the circus so you can schedule your visits and hit the topics you want the most. We’re scheduling Brett for short seminars focused on making your shop more efficient instantly. Come see us early on Day 1 to pick up the schedule and learn about our Interbike Specials!

“Specials?” you say? “EVT products don’t go on sale.” That’s true, we never discount our prices. But that doesn’t mean we can’t, oh I dunno, give things away! Every invoice written at the show gets a free tool. The bigger the order, the more things you get. Put down a deposit on an E-Z Lift Repair Stand and get a 3-in-1 Inflator! There’s never been a better time to increase your profitability with EVT’s professional tools. Remember, in the words of Aaron at Aaron’s Cycle Repair, “Better tools don’t cost money, they make money.”

Interbike is a big deal for EVT. It’s our best chance to meet the people using our tools, show the uninitiated how to instantly save time on every repair, and of course to unleash Brett Flemming on the masses of bike shop professionals we exist to assist. For years, from the very first QBP “Frostbike” to Interbike 2015, his “Service Excellence and Profitability” seminars helped thousands of professionals crush their goals. While you wander the aisles of pretty things being sold, remember that Brett Flemming fixed thousands of problems that the manufacturers themselves were not capable of solving. That’s why Shimano, Trek, Specialized, and countless others came to him. The best professional mechanics do this for their clients on a daily basis. Bicycle mechanics complete the vehicle. Kawasaki dealerships don’t build motorcycles, Ford dealerships don’t build cars. Yet every bicycle ever sold at retail in this country, from the oldest Huffy to the newest (insert IBD brand here), arrived as an incomplete product that some mechanic had to finish. Professional mechanics will keep it rolling long after the manufacturers stop making replacement parts. They might have forgotten they ever put their decal on the frame, while we’re still here supporting our riders. To be clear, we do love better products and real technological advances that improve the experiences of the riders who buy them. But professional mechanics don’t need a single new bike to be produced ever again. Brett Flemming and EVT know how to fix anything. Come by and see!

Our booth, #27022, is in the same place as last year: On a corner near the bathrooms and next to Sutherland’s Bicycle Shop Aids.

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