Round edges for High End Bike Tools


One of the things that always distinguishes higher-quality tools from others is smooth edges. Compare a Craftsman 10mm combination wrench with a Snap On to see what I mean. Sharp edges are harder on the hands, more likely to damage if slipped or dropped, hurt more when accidents happen, and are just not as good. They get the job done. But being a professional is about more than just getting the job done. That’s the bare minimum, in fact.
EVT will never present our mechanics with sharp edges. Cutting steel makes the ends razor-sharp. We take our cut steel to the belt grinder and off-hand grind the edges by hand. Then the parts go in a vibratory tumbler. That’s a lot of extra work. Nobody else does it. We do, because we’re professional mechanics with mountains of signed Sutherland’s repair tickets to prove it. Each ticket represents a result to which we could confidently sign our name. This is how we want our tools made. Not cheaper. Better. For high-speed repair. To protect our client’s property. For a lifetime of service. That’s the EVT difference.


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