E-Z Lift Repair Stand

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The Bicycle Repair Industry is the only one OK with requiring mechanics to lift the vehicle into a fixed position for repair. It’s time to catch up and pro up.  EVT LLC proudly presents the EZ Lift Repair Stand: simply the best repair stand money can buy, hand-made in the USA.

Superior workplace ergonomics for the most demanding professionals. Elegantly assists in raising the vehicle from the floor to over seven feet to assure mechanics are maintaining perfect posture. Instantly gets the right part of the bike right where you want it. Allows easy inspection of the underside, serial numbers, derailleur pulley alignment, etc. Seatpost-specific Right Arm clamp provides balanced rotation in a smaller circle for a compact workspace and easier positioning. It also fits every seatpost made, no time-sucking adapters needed.

The EZ Lift is so versatile that shops are still inventing uses we never envisioned. A must-have for mechanics with limited lifting capabilities, those working on lots of heavy bikes or ebikes, and anyone who’s starting to feel the effects of a long career. Also a must-have if you simply must have the best.

Unique design uses a 36 lb internal counterweight providing approximately 18 lbs. of lifting assistance. Precisely machined mechanism is air-damped to control speed. Close tolerances ensure minimal friction. Fingertip pressure is enough to position the clamp in any position. Bronze bushings smooth the action and glimmer like gold. Steel base plate accommodates up to 2 stands for a “tandem” setup. Also allows for both center and on-the-edge mount of a single stand. Rounded edges and a thickness-over-surface-area approach to stability make cleaning the floors a breeze.

Conservative calculations show one E-Z Lift Repair Stand saves a busy service department at least 78 hours per year. It’s like having a competent hi-speed mechanic for an extra 2 weeks. All while protecting your client’s assets, reducing repetitive physical strain, and generating more revenue from day one.

The baseplate is 22.5 x 22.5 x .75″ Total height is 89.5″ from floor to the top of the pulley. If your ceilings are too low for that we’ll cut it shorter to fit.

For shipping purposes, the EZ-Lift is broken in 3 boxes. Here are the sizes and weights of those boxes-

#1 Small Parts- 22 lbs, 17 x 13 x 13″

#2 Main Column- 69 lbs, 85 x 9 x 9

#3 Baseplate- 112 lbs, 23 x 23 x 1″

EVT LLC is proud to provide the lifetime support professionals require.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Optimizes working height of any bike to reduce fatigue and back pain
Clamping bike prior to lifting ensures the best-possible body positioning for that movement
Offset clamp design allows bike to swing in a smaller circle
Encourages easy inspection of the underside without removing from stand
Heavy bikes can be lifted by one person, regardless of their strength or limitations

Reduced Liability Exposure:

Seatposts rarely need to be raised in order to clamp bikes
Lowers rate of incorrectly re-positioned saddles
Eliminates damage to frame tubes and finishes
Air damping ensures no sudden drops
Reduces thread failure on seat clamps

Time Saved:

Fast re-positioning shaves time as you work on different parts of the bike
No more marking, raising and lowering saddles
100% mechanical action for very low maintenance
Smaller base plate with rounded edges make for easy floor cleaning

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