Adjustable-Height Wall-Mount Repair Stand

Product Description

Signature Series

The Adjustable-Height Wall-Mount Repair Stand gives you amazing versatility and absolute stability in a wall-mounted stand. Height adjustment is fast and secure, and the clamp can rotate towards the wall to make more room, even with a bike installed. It’s every bit as rigid as the wall you attach to it. Use on the sales floor as a test-ride prep station, at the rental counter for pedal swaps, or for a deluxe bike-washing station. Mobile repair operators can take advantage of the versatility to come up with creative mounting solutions. Also a favorite of home shop mechanics. This stand comes with a Right Arm Repair Clamp, and custom lengths are available, email us for more details.

Note: Adjusting the height is not recommended with a bike in the stand due to the lack of a counterweight and the design of the carriage interface. This wall mount is not an EZ-Lift. Wall fasteners are not included.

Contact for pricing and availability.

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 6 in

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