Medieval All-Angle Pedal Wrench


Product Description

Get the job done with this most serious of all pedal wrenches. Precision manufactured, heat treated tool steel head has 3 precisely-milled 15mm wrench flats (no slop) combined with 5 easily changed positions. No matter the bike, you can ensure the handle is in same axis as the crank arm to optimize leverage. 18” overall length and slight offset keeps your hands well away from interference. Combine with 6mm and 8mm Knucklesaver  hex adapters for the most complete pedal extraction system ever made.

This tool was inspired by the classic Campagnolo 4-way pedal wrenches that went out of production long ago. Brett improved the ergonomics, eliminated slop, thickened the jaws to reduce wear, and added way more leverage. If the Campy tool was Officer Murphy, the Medieval Pedal Wrench is Robocop. Your cheater bar will gather dust.

Campagnolo pedal wrench

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 4 x 2 in

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