Quick Coupler Parts

The Efficient Velo Tools Quick Coupler Parts fit EVT inflators and other air tools used in bike shops. These parts come in multiple configurations.


Product Description

The Quick Coupler Parts are industrial-grade and fit EVT inflators and whatever other air tools you use. Things like cutting wheels and impact wrenches increase profit. Get the most out of your compressor!

These are the “1/4″ Automotive Type C” interface. The so-called ‘universal’ consumer-grade interface found at any US hardware store can potentially release when they hit the ground. Usually no big deal in a bike shop, but dangerous in an industrial setting. The ones here don’t do that. They take a little more effort to change, as you’d expect with a more secure fit.

To make a quick coupler set you need a “plug” (the male part) and a “body” (the female part with moving ring). EVT inflators are not sold with a plug and require a plug with male threads. Most hoses have male threads on the end, which means most people will need a body with female threads. We have the alternate parts for more unusual setups. Below you’ll see the 4 possibilities. Be sure to use plumbers tape on the threads for the best seal and ease of removal. The 1/4″ threading should fit all your air tools and hoses.

Quick Coupler Plug, Male Threads  (Fits EVT Inflators)
Quick Coupler Body, Female Threads (Fits Most Hoses)
Quick Coupler Body, Male Threads
Quick Coupler Plug, Female Threads

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Plug, Male Thread, Body, Female Thread, Body, Male Thread, Plug, Female Thread

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