Velvet Nylon Hammer

Velvet Nylon Hammer


The Velvet Nylon Hammer is the best bike shop hammer ever, or can be used in other applications for a range of mechanics.

This hammer delivers the crack of steel with a velvety touch. Made of indestructible copolymer, it provides users with ideal balance and hardness. This hammer works better than anything known for chain ring truing and countless jobs which require a firm, calibrated whack, without marring materials. This product doesn’t use a rubber cover that absorbs shock and reduces precision, and also doesn’t produce the vague feeling hammers with sand inside create.

Calling this hammer plastic is like calling a top-end carbon frame plastic. True, but over-simplifying. The copolymer of the Velvet Hammer fuses synthetic nylon with synthetic rubber under terrifically extreme pressure. The process creates polymer chains at a molecular level. The result is engineered to be the most impact-resistant material ever for heavy industry applications. We get it from the only manufacturer in the country that has the ability to make it. They fashion it into a hammer so their clients can run laboratory tests on the material and we are the only company to distribute this hammer. It’s a rare piece of material that will become your favorite hammer in your toolbox, with a range of uses!

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