Who is EVT?


Brett's wisdom is not shared in the "glory days" style, but is tested daily in  busy and successful service departments of the most recognized bicycle shops in the world. At Efficient Velo Tools, We Have a Simple Philosophy Why bother making any tool unless it is superior to existing products? Dissatisfied with many of the poorly designed and outdated tools with which pro mechanics have been encumbered, Master Service Manager and Bicycle Mechanic Brett Flemming decided he could design and build better bicycle tools. It seemed many of the tools mechanics utilize are either cheaply made, or designed by folks that don’t make their livings servicing bicycles. So a few years ago he offered his ideas, designs and feedback to the “Most Popular” bicycle tool company; they weren't interested! The result is a selective line of tools used and respected by top mechanics around the world, who are motivated to work efficiently.
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Introducing Signature Series Pricing

EVT LLC is happy to announce our new Signature Series pricing. The Signature Series tools, including the EZ Lift repair stand, Right Arm Clamp, and Trigger Dishing Tool, are not intended for re-sale. So we’ve done away with retail pricing. They are now one price for everybody! Our Standard Series products still have the retail prices listed here on the website. Wholesale pricing is available to qualified professionals. If bicycle repair is your chosen profession we are here for you, and please contact us for…
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We wanted to thank Charlie Kelly and Joe Breeze for signing our copy of the “Fat Tire Flyer” Repack and the Birth of Mountain Biking book. They are heroes of ours and also extremely nice individuals. They were nice enough to let me take their picture with a 1982 Brett Flemming Mountain Bike. one of the highlights of 2015 Interbike. We want to also give our best wishes to Charlie Cunningham. He could use all of our support. https://www.gofundme.com/w85tn3dg

Interbike 2015

It’s Official! EVT will set up shop September 16-18 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada. Come by and visit us at booth #27256 We would love to see you. We are also proud to have been nominated for 3 awards from NBDA Interbike’s annual industry awards gala, the “IB” awards Thursday, September 17 2015 Mandalay Bay Convention Center 6:30-9:00 PM 1.) Brand service to the LBS 2.) NBDA’s Signature Award- The “specialty” Award 3.) Best Brand Value to Consumers Be…
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Bike Shop Show 119: Brett Flemming EVT

Brett Flemming Was interviewed by Scott Dedenbach. Scott is a USAC licensed mechanic who has been repairing bikes in some manner for over 20 years. He is part-owner of a small custom bike shop in Adrian, Michigan. He created The Bike Shop Show on a whim one week in 2012 when he ran out of podcasts to listen to. He decided to simply create one of his own. Scott does not race his bike but loves dirt road adventure riding, gravel grinding and doing century…
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Safe Zone Mirror loved by many.

We recently received an Email from Victor Okunev up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Victor Has a 2.5 hour commute often in poor conditions. He has a nice blog called spokescommute.com Here He has some kind words about our mirror. He even calls it “My single best safety item”. Some other blogs around the net with reviews of the Safe Zone Mirror. Adventurecycling BentRider epicureancyclist

Interbike booth 27178
Interbike 2014!

We’re going to Las Vegas again. come see us at booth 27178. Brett Flemming will give talks every other hour on a variety of topics that will include efficient bicycle repair, Best shop practices, How not to bloody up your knuckles, etc.

A Cincinnati vertical mill in its heyday. Photo credit: VIR History.
The Cincinnati No.2

If you know Brett Flemming, you know that he can tell a great story, so it makes sense that he would surround himself with machinery that have great stories to tell. Enter the Cincinnati No.2 horizontal milling machine. Brett’s machine, Serial Number 128, is a rare example of the mill in excellent working condition. Brett’s mill was extricated from a Victory ship that was built in Portland, Oregon in ’45 or ’46. Victory ships were cargo ships built during WWII to replace losses caused by…
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A Brief History of EVT

Efficient Velo Tools (EVT), designs, manufactures and distributes its own line of US made industrial-style bicycle shop tools. The tools reflect precision, workmanship and ruggedness simply not found in competitors’ products. EVT was established in 1999 by Brett Flemming. Brett started his bicycle industry career in 1979 at the age of 17 as a mechanic at Albrecht Cycle Shop in Sioux City, IA. By 1998 Brett was the General Service Manager at Bike Gallery in Portland, OR. With 35 mechanics under his supervision, Brett had…
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Cold Vulcanizing Fundamentals

Yeah, I patch my own tubes, but not always. Replace provided sandpaper for 80-120 grit genuine industrial emery cloth. Buff to black rubber area larger than patch. Apply glue area larger than patch, spread quickly. Let glue dry completely, no such thing as too long, failure will occur if patch is applied to wet glue. Carefully tighten glue cap for perfect seal. Do not touch even the tiniest corner of patch, or dried glue, handle only with cellophane Once foil is removed, center…
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Brett’s Apron

Did you ever wonder what items you do and don’t need to carry in your apron at a bicycle service department? Brett Flemming has been culling his apron tools since 1979. This is the Bike Gallery apron, it says “go by bike.” It’s made by Jandd with some modified upper slots to hold the long thin items. This is a cool little micrometer pin that I bought on eBay. I just like to put it there as a reminder that I’ve trained myself…
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Who is EVT?

Brett’s wisdom is not shared in the “glory days” style, but is tested daily in the busy and successful service departments of one the most recognized bicycle shops in the world, Portland, Oregon-based Bike Gallery.