Efficient Velo Tools’ Heavy-Duty Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Established. Proven. Credible.

Wait, I thought EVT made tools? We designed our only accessory product as an industrial-grade tool that reliably provides mega information and greater awareness for cyclists.


      • Easy/secure mounting
      • Easily detachable
      • Fits most helmets
      • Zip Tie or Hook-And-Loop Strap Mount with no adhesives!
      • Impact resistant components
      • Fully adjustable Loc-Line industrial hose elements
      • Huge 2.25″/57mm lazer cut acrylic mirror
      • Replacement parts available
      • 5 year no fault/hassle warranty
      • Factory Direct Support
      • Free shipping

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The Safe Zone Story

The Safe Zone bicycle helmet mirror was invented by Brett Flemming, toolmaker, master bicycle mechanic and owner of Efficient Velo Tools LLC (EVT). Brett founded EVT in 1999 with the mission of building better bike tools. One day, as Brett ran a lathe in his machine shop, he came to a realization about the “Loc-Line ®” hose directing coolant at the cutting tool of his lathe. This coolant hose exhibited characteristics ideally suited as a design element in the perfect bicycle helmet mirror… it bent easily and stayed put!

As a lifelong believer and retailer of helmet mounted mirrors, Brett was frustrated with the limited view, failed adhesives, flimsy plastic and bouncy wires that made existing mirror designs irritating. He designed this rugged mirror incorporating the “Loc-Line ®” hose elements, a very large mirror, and a mounting system that is clearly superior to competing products.

Brett used the mirror on his commute to his “day job” as General Service Manager of the Bike Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Eventually, Bike Gallery’s head buyer noticed the mirror, and said “Why don’t you make some of those for us, and we will sell them?” The rest is history!

Originally, Brett machined the base plate in his shop and assembled the mirror with nuts and bolts. This resulted in a mirror that was functional and sturdy, but homemade in appearance. To improve mount-ability, ease of assembly and appearance, the design evolved to an injection molded product it is today.

When you purchase a Safe Zone Mirror you receive the highest quality helmet mirror on the market and the unbeatable personalized support direct from the manufacturer. Buy with confidence, and most importantly, ride safely.

Also available on Amazon and Ebay. Please note our warranty is NOT valid if the mirror is purchased on Amazon and eBay from a seller that is not Efficient Velo Tools.



“This mirror is the best and worth the money. After an altercation with a car while making a left hand turn (guy decided to pass me at the top of the hill despite my signaling the turn) I decided to look for a better mirror than the little sun glasses mounted one. This one is bigger, mounts on the helmet with zip ties instead of adhesives, and does not move positions on windy days. Because it can be precisely adjusted, there is almost no blind spot. On a bike one only has two senses – sight and hearing. On windy days, hearing can be totally lost. A good mirror can give you sight from behind – as essential as a helmet – and equally worth getting a well engineered product.”

-Jay E. Tullis Via Amazon

“This has a huge 2.250″ mirror that yields a huge field of view is much larger than any other bicycle mirror. The large mirror size makes it easy to view EVERYTHING approaching from the rear, more or less simultaneously while looking straight ahead. Very pleased with it and the design. highly recommend this.”

-Steve Majicek via Amazon

“I love the large viewing area, the mirrored surface is great with no distortion, it stays in place right where you put it. The large viewing area is the best thing on this mirror. All the other helmet or glasses mirrors are less than a quarter of the size. It really makes a difference once you put it on. If you are worried about the mirror being disruptive to your fields of view…DON’T. Because it is just 5 inches from your face it is impossible for it to create a blind spot in your forward vision. Because you have two eyes (I hope) and stereoscopic vision, unless you are actually looking into the mirror you will see right through it as you are looking down the road. Between that and the mirror moving as you move your helmet/head it will never be in your way. Focus on the mirror and you will have a clear view behind you…focus on the road and you will have an unobstructed view of the road.

To show you what I mean, hold your finger or a small object 5 inches in front of your face. Now don’t look at the object but focus in the distance at the far wall. You will see two shadows of the close object and have a clear view beyond it at the wall.”

-Carol J. Anderson via Amazon

“I have had my EVT mirror for about a week now. I love it! I am legally blind and with advancing years, it is much more difficult now for my eyes to accommodate the focal changes required to look in a close mirror and then at the road ahead of me. On top of that, my left eye is by far my stronger eye, and I feared the increased size might make it difficult to see the road hazards. At first I found the prospects of proper placement and adjustment a bit intimidating, probably based on my iffy experience with other mirrors. No worries there. I ordered a mirror with additional length so that the mirror would be away from my eye a bit. The added length made placement and adjustment a snap even with my helmet visor. The large size gives me a good view behind me, and presents no problem seeing ahead. The mirror itself is crystal clear and stable – no movement or vibrations. The plastic is very adequate for the task, strong and light. I would say to anyone with visual problems that the Safe Zone Helmet mirror is the perfect solution. I feel safe and confident on my bike once again.”

-Sandy via email

“There are few things that if you need them, you just have to break down and buy them. What they cost has no relationship to what they are really worth to you. You either have them or you don’t. There is no other product that fills the need. The Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror is one of those things.

If you drive a car you expect certain things from a rear view mirror. You expect it to be easy to adjust, you expect it to stay put, and you expect to be able to see behind you. Every other bicycle mirror I’ve ever seen fills NONE of these expectations. They are nearly impossible to adjust, they won’t stay where you put them, they dance around and vibrate with every tiny movement, they fall apart easily, and more importantly—you can’t see what’s behind you well enough for them to improve your safety at all. Actually, trying to see what’s going on behind you with them takes so much effort you can’t focus on where you are going, and that is really dangerous.

But this mirror is a whole different story!!! All other bike mirrors are just toys in comparison. This one does just what it’s supposed to do.

You get on your bike, adjust it if needed, and forget about it. You can clearly see behind you, and it doesn’t interfere with your view ahead.

And it’s guaranteed to work for 5 years, too. And the guarantee is just as good as it sounds—I know. Somehow I broke a piece of my second one, and they sent me the replacement part the same day!!

I’m going to be buying my third mirror from them soon, one for each helmet.

It’s a lot of money for a mirror, perhaps, but it isn’t much money at all to be able to see clearly behind you and not get distracted or frustrated by a tiny flimsy gadget. The Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror is an investment in safety, not an expense.”

– D. Olson “Very Old Gringo” via Amazon

“Build a better mouse trap & they’ll beat a path to your door. That’s the theory behind this Safe Zone Helmet Mirror.

Other bicycle helmet mirrors are only about $10 to $15. But EVT (Efficient Velo Tools) came up with the best mounting system & it’s soooo simple – plastic zip ties. Other helmet mirrors use a clip on the helmet system or a two sided sticky tape system. The clip on type sometimes vibrates loose. And the double sided sticky tape is a pain in the rear. Sometimes it simply doesn’t adhere properly. And what happens if you change helmets? Somehow, you have to cleanly remove the helmet mirror from the old helmet & find more double sided sticky tape for the new helmet. With the Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror, if you change helmets, all you need is a few more plastic zip ties.

Edit: Because I perspire (sweat a lot) I have 2 helmets & swap back & forth to keep them fresh & dry. Added a 2nd Safe Zone mirror too. Just as another reviewer, I have multiple bicycles too. Changes positions easily going from road bike to mountain bike to hybrid. Raising my rating from 4 to all 5 stars.”

– Old Hippie via Amazon

“This is the best bicycle mirror I have ever owned. It has suffered 30mph headwinds, and roads so rough I broke a spoke, and it stays aligned. The stem is flexible in all directions so you can easily move it higher or lower, and further out or further in, and however you like it. The mirror is big enough that you can quickly see what is behind you. I have had smaller mirrors where you have to “study” the scene, and that is time where you are not looking in front of you. This mirror creates better safety. The helmet mount is solid, and I can easily move it if I get another helmet. If my helmet is vibrating from rough roads the mirror vibrates of course, but it doesn’t amplify the vibration like a lot of other mirrors, and with the wide field of view I can still see fine. I would much rather spend $40 on a mirror that works well, than spending less on a mirror that doesn’t. This is part of my safety equipment and it is a cheap investment compared to a crash. Combined with Bell Muni Bicycle Road Helmet and Blackburn Flea Front and Rear Lights it can’t be beat. I recommend this mirror to everyone that cycles.”

-Brotherjohn via Amazon

“I have had this mirror for +2 years on two different helmets. The last 6 months the coating on the mirror surface has started flaking off all around the edges and their is also problems with the coating flaking off in several other places creating blind spots. This is the only flaw with this product, but it was a significant problem. Very soon after I posted information on this problem on Amazon, I received an email indicating who to contact to get a replacement mirror. Turns out the company that produces the mirror has an excellent warranty program and will replace the mirror within 5 years of purchase. I also found out this problem is very rare and may be because of salt in the air (I live not to far from the ocean). It’s the best helmet mounted mirror out there, buy it, the manufacturer stands by the product.”

-Cary Strickland via Amazon

“I very much like having a mirror that attaches to the helmet. It gives me instant control over where I want to focus my attention. Also, it is sufficiently out of the way unlike mirrors that attached to glasses and as such is more stable, gives a wider field of view (because of the size) and does not interfere with my ear buds. (I use an app that monitors my ride and gives me audio feedback and music as I ride). The product itself is easy to attach and manipulate. It is very well made and sturdy but with the feature that it can easily break away (and be reattached) at the snap-fit joints. The field of view is phenomenal. I was concerned that the size of the mirror would be a distraction, creating a blind spot in the upper left portion of my forward field of view. What I have discovered is that when I focus my eyes at a distance, it appears that I can see “through” the mirror. I see trees, etc. that are behind the mirror almost as if the mirror were not there. When I focus on the mirror, my forward vision (in the upper left) is blocked, as would be expected. It is amazing how our brains can adjust. The bottom line is that I am extremely happy with this mirror.”

-A friend of Bill via Amazon

“While initially skeptical about using the EVT Safe Zone mirror on a bicycle tour from El Salvador to Colombia I found it to be one of the most useful tools I carried. In fact, without hesitation, I would say that it saved my life more than once! From dodging insane drivers coming from behind me through the cobblestone and potholed streets of Managua and Panama City, to gauging my distance from machete wielding bandits chasing me down after barely navigated a flaming roadblock on a side road in Honduras, to ensuring that the local band of rabid dogs I just rode by wasn’t following me, the EVT Safe zone mirror did it all!”

-Damek via Amazon