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Founded in 1999, Efficient Velo Tools LLC is based in Portland, Oregon, and produces a variety of high-quality tools for professional mechanics and bicycle enthusiasts. Headed up by expert bicycle mechanic Brett Flemming, EVT tools are handcrafted and made in the U.S. EVT engineers bicycle repair products in a variety of areas, including: bearing and drivetrain; inflation; repair stands and clamps; and wheel building tools. Many EVT tools are made by hand on restored and reconditioned “manual” machines in our Portland, Oregon workshop. A handful of our tools are subcontracted out to C.N.C. “job shops,” all within a few miles of Portland. The result is carefully crafted tools that enhance efficiency and professionalism in your bike shop. Additionally, EVT created the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror for cyclists. The Safe Zone evolved from humble beginnings in 1999, when it was imagined, machined, and assembled by master bicycle mechanic Brett Flemming in his home’s garage. After encouragement from both the buyer and the owner of the Bike Gallery, as well as numerous experimentations and prototypes, the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror launched in Bike Gallery stores in Portland, Oregon. As the years went by, Flemming continued refining the design and the mirror grew in popularity. Now, EVT estimates more than 40,000 people across the world use the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror.
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Safe Zone Mirror on Bikerumor.com

Watch your back with the giant Safe Zone mirror by Efficient Velo Tools

Trigger Dishing Tool on the Cincinnati mill

Final step in the creation of the #triggerwheeldishingtool. #biketools #manualmachinist #madeinportland #bikemechanic #bikeshop #nahbs #nahbspics #nahbs2017 #probikemechanic #probma A post shared by Efficient Velo Tools (@efficientvelo) on Feb 20, 2017 at 1:03pm PST

North Shore lust for the EZ Lift and Ultra

Cloick on the title below for a great article from our friends at nsmb.com Lust, Leather, & Steel: Efficient Velo Tools

Mobile Repair, Cycling Joy, and our collective future

Outside magazine just posted this interesting article about the changes facing brick-and-mortar bike shops: * http://www.outsideonline.com/2126741/death-local-bike-shop * Now, the “death of the local bike shop” was predicted many times before, going back to the invention of the automobile. But Robbie Carver’s overview of the forces at play in 2016 is spot-on. That is, if you’re talking about the industry of selling new bikes. It’s always been challenging for a shop to profit on a retail bike sale. It continues to get harder, for all…
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Round edges for High End Bike Tools

One of the things that always distinguishes higher-quality tools from others is smooth edges. Compare a Craftsman 10mm combination wrench with a Snap On to see what I mean. Sharp edges are harder on the hands, more likely to damage if slipped or dropped, hurt more when accidents happen, and are just not as good. They get the job done. But being a professional is about more than just getting the job done. That’s the bare minimum, in fact. EVT will never present our mechanics…
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High End Bicycle Tools for High Speed Repair

High end bicycle tools are not just for the high end bike. They’re for high speed repair. The EVT Universal BB Cup Removal Tool uses a friction grip and allows gargantuan amounts of leverage application. Get it out fast on the first attempt. After 5 months Emily at Hub Bicycle Co. in Cambridge, MA says, “The BB Cup Remover we got has already paid for itself several times over! Thanks for making such useful tools.” Or in the words of Aaron at Aaron’s Bicycle Repairs…
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The EVT story, in video form

EVT is a unique and inspirational home-grown company. But it’s not so easy to write down what makes us tick. Brett Flemming could have done many things, but he choose to create EVT for a purpose. This video, shot before we had our amazing workshop in Northeast Portland and when the staff consisted of Brett alone, really gets to the core of what EVT is about. Brett’s not reading from any script. This is exactly how he talks, the things he says, and the energy with which he…
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Interbike Specials for 2016

   EVT and Brett Flemming have been busy in 2016. After expanding the staff to more than double 2015 levels, he’s showing up in Las Vegas at the annual Interbike trade show with amazing Interbike specials, free hourly seminars, updated products in stock, and the team to take EVT into a bright future. “We have the race car built, painted, and driving test-laps around the track,” says Brett. He’ll be joined at Booth #27022 by Production Manager Casey Bolthouse, Sales Manager Andy McKerrow, and inspirational…
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EVT at the Olympics

As the Rio Olympics fades from view, we want to give a shout-out to Canadians Catharine Pendrel, Bronze medalist in the Mountain Bike race, and her mechanic Adam Trotter. Like others on the pro circuit, they use our Bleedin’ Gauges to dial in the perfect tire pressure for every course. Adam calls it “The Rolex”. Catharine, a two-time world champion, applied years of hard work and dedication to be in medal contention after the first lap. Then an early mechanical threatened her chances. But Adam…
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Brett returns to RAGBRAI

Brett and his trusty pal Woofus just spent a week working with Des Moines retailer Bike World at the 2016 RAGBRAI (“Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa”, the first and by far the biggest cross-state week-long bike ride).  On the EVT cargo bike they braved the summer heat wave out on the roads. In the afternoons there’s no doubt a lot of bikes got the best service of their lives as Brett’s mechanical skills were unleashed upon unsuspecting repair shifts. Back in the ’70s…
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Attention Utah

Calling all Utah bike shops, bike companies, and bike non-profits: Would you like to use an E-Z Lift workstand for a week at no charge? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? We’ll deliver, put in place, and retrieve at your convenience. First come, first served with the best American-made workstand ever created. Respond to andy@efficientvelo.com or “Contact Us” link with the subject “Take it E-Z”.

Trek TSC School and EVT

A while ago we showed you a batch of 12 E-Z lift stands all lined up and ready to go. Well here they are in their new home: Trek’s TCS Education classroom in Waterloo, WI. We are proud Trek choose us to supply this facility.Trek knows as well as anyone how critical speed, efficiency, and asset protection are to running a profitable repair department. The E-Z Lift stands reduce time and liability on every repair that comes in the door. With fingertip-pressure you can lift traditional…
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Introducing Signature Series Pricing

EVT LLC is happy to announce our new Signature Series pricing. The Signature Series tools, including the EZ Lift repair stand, Right Arm Clamp, and Trigger Dishing Tool, are not intended for re-sale. So we’ve done away with retail pricing. They are now one price for everybody! Our Standard Series products still have the retail prices listed here on the website. Wholesale pricing is available to qualified professionals. If bicycle repair is your chosen profession we are here for you, and please contact us for…
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We wanted to thank Charlie Kelly and Joe Breeze for signing our copy of the “Fat Tire Flyer” Repack and the Birth of Mountain Biking book. They are heroes of ours and also extremely nice individuals. They were nice enough to let me take their picture with a 1982 Brett Flemming Mountain Bike. one of the highlights of 2015 Interbike. We want to also give our best wishes to Charlie Cunningham. He could use all of our support. https://www.gofundme.com/w85tn3dg

Interbike 2015

It’s Official! EVT will set up shop September 16-18 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada. Come by and visit us at booth #27256 We would love to see you. We are also proud to have been nominated for 3 awards from NBDA Interbike’s annual industry awards gala, the “IB” awards Thursday, September 17 2015 Mandalay Bay Convention Center 6:30-9:00 PM 1.) Brand service to the LBS 2.) NBDA’s Signature Award- The “specialty” Award 3.) Best Brand Value to Consumers Be…
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Bike Shop Show 119: Brett Flemming EVT

Brett Flemming Was interviewed by Scott Dedenbach. Scott is a USAC licensed mechanic who has been repairing bikes in some manner for over 20 years. He is part-owner of a small custom bike shop in Adrian, Michigan. He created The Bike Shop Show on a whim one week in 2012 when he ran out of podcasts to listen to. He decided to simply create one of his own. Scott does not race his bike but loves dirt road adventure riding, gravel grinding and doing century…
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Safe Zone Mirror loved by many.

We recently received an Email from Victor Okunev up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Victor Has a 2.5 hour commute often in poor conditions. He has a nice blog called spokescommute.com Here He has some kind words about our mirror. He even calls it “My single best safety item”. Some other blogs around the net with reviews of the Safe Zone Mirror. Adventurecycling BentRider epicureancyclist

Interbike 2014!

We’re going to Las Vegas again. come see us at booth 27178. Brett Flemming will give talks every other hour on a variety of topics that will include efficient bicycle repair, Best shop practices, How not to bloody up your knuckles, etc.

The Cincinnati No.2

If you know Brett Flemming, you know that he can tell a great story, so it makes sense that he would surround himself with machinery that have great stories to tell. Enter the Cincinnati No.2 horizontal milling machine. Brett’s machine, Serial Number 128, is a rare example of the mill in excellent working condition. Brett’s mill was extricated from a Victory ship that was built in Portland, Oregon in ’45 or ’46. Victory ships were cargo ships built during WWII to replace losses caused by…
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A Brief History of EVT

Efficient Velo Tools (EVT), designs, manufactures and distributes its own line of US made industrial-style bicycle shop tools. The tools reflect precision, workmanship and ruggedness simply not found in competitors’ products. EVT was established in 1999 by Brett Flemming. Brett started his bicycle industry career in 1979 at the age of 17 as a mechanic at Albrecht Cycle Shop in Sioux City, IA. By 1998 Brett was the General Service Manager at Bike Gallery in Portland, OR. With 35 mechanics under his supervision, Brett had…
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Cold Vulcanizing Fundamentals

Yeah, I patch my own tubes, but not always. Replace provided sandpaper for 80-120 grit genuine industrial emery cloth. Buff to black rubber area larger than patch. Apply glue area larger than patch, spread quickly. Let glue dry completely, no such thing as too long, failure will occur if patch is applied to wet glue. Carefully tighten glue cap for perfect seal. Do not touch even the tiniest corner of patch, or dried glue, handle only with cellophane Once foil is removed, center…
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Brett’s Apron

Did you ever wonder what items you do and don’t need to carry in your apron at a bicycle service department? Brett Flemming has been culling his apron tools since 1979. This is the Bike Gallery apron, it says “go by bike.” It’s made by Jandd with some modified upper slots to hold the long thin items. This is a cool little micrometer pin that I bought on eBay. I just like to put it there as a reminder that I’ve trained myself…
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Efficient Velo Tools LLC

Brett’s wisdom is not shared in the “glory days” style, but is tested daily in the busy and successful service departments of one the most recognized bicycle shops in the world, Portland, Oregon-based Bike Gallery.