Safe Zone Customer Reviews

”Although we’re generally advocates of trusting god with your noggin, if you still wear a helmet, good for you, and if you want the World’s Best Helmet Mirror, a guy named Brett Flemming invented it. His business is Efficient Velo Tools. He makes specialty shop tools and a few others, and this world-beating mirror is his only “consumer” thing. I don’t know Brett. Maybe we’ve met, but I don’t remember. I know we have mutual friends. But I’d heard about this mirror, read about it, got one for Rich here to try. It took him a few weeks before he put it on his helmet, and he raves about it all the time now. He’s always used helmet mirrors, and says this one is far beyond. It’s big, light (1.5oz), easy to mount, and adjust, and locks in place. It is so groovy, so well-thought out, that on certain rides, sometimes, now and then…I’m going to wear one of my four helmets just so I can use this Brett Flemming masterpiece.” 

~ Rivendell Bicycles

“This is absolutely the BEST mirror, hands down, of any I've used. I started using a mirror when I got into touring (1989?). I used to use eyeglass mirrors, but tried this one when we got a sample, and now I can't go back! The size alone justifies this mirror, and it's especially good if you do a lot of riding on city streets or highways. An added bonus (if you consider it a bonus): you'll always have to don your helmet to use the mirror. I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up!”

~ Rich @ Rivendell Bicycles

Stop over thinking this. You're looking at one that is 3.5x the cost of your last one - because the last one(s) didn't work. The thin wire ones vibrate. The mirrors are unclear. Small sizes requires too much location of the mirror, then focusing and positioning, all while moving. Sound familiar? This one solves it all. Easily positions, no vibration, clear optical reflection and the large size makes it intuitive. Glance left and you instantly can process the view behind you. No searching, focusing, thinking. You've seen it all. Click Buy It Now.

~ Mark on Amazon

“I both lead and sweep for numerous group, rides so a mirror is a must for me. I've played with the smaller glue on types for years and they have always bothered me with limited vision out of the small mirror, and being unforgiving in placement on the helmet. THIS EVT mirror solved both of those problems. There are provided velcro straps I used until I got the placement on the helmet where I wanted it, and then I used zip ties to secure the mirror, which were also provided.

The larger mirror and numerous flexible joints makes it easy to adjust EVEN while riding and best of all it stays put. I was hesitant with the price but this is sturdy, well made and works like a charm and worth every penny.“

~ David T Hogan

“This is my third helmet mirror, and it is my favorite by far! It is much bigger and more stable than the others. My other mirrors both had the following problems: 1) small field of view, 2) vibration when going over a bumpy road, 3) angle slippage, requiring frequent adjustments mid-ride. This mirror solves all those problems. The field of view is fantastic. See attached comparison pics. The swivel arm is rock solid. Doesn't vibrate, doesn't move out of place. Best of all, the stem has independent swivel points, each with just the right amount of stiffness to maintain their own angles. So you can swing the mirror out of view when not needed, and then swing it back into view and the mirror angle is still perfectly aligned. Brilliant! I love this mirror!”

~ Rex on Amazon

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