EZ-Lift Repair Stand

EZ-Lift Repair Stand

from 500.00

IMPORTANT: This is a deposit only to reserve a spot on our production schedule. Orders can also be placed by emailing us at info@efficientvelo.com or calling us at 971-258-0925.

Available in two configurations:

1) EZ-Lift: Single EZ-Lift mounted to a 112lb baseplate

  • Total Price: $2300 + Shipping & Handling

2) EZ-Lift Twin: Two EZ-Lifts mounted to a single 112lb baseplate

  • Total Price: $4200 + Shipping & Handling

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What is an EZ-Lift Repair Stand?

  • Highly-adjustable, lift-assisted bicycle repair stand solution that includes EVT’s Right Arm Repair Clamp.

  • Handmade in the USA at our Portland, Oregon factory of the finest materials. Available in the signature EVT red so your customers know your shop is EVT-equipped.

  • Intended for bicycle shops, or the serious home shop enthusiast, this stand makes repairs simple and the included Right Arm features seatpost-only clamping and offset rotation

  • Perfect for servicing E-Bikes and heavier bikes without straining.

  • Warranty: Unparalleled Lifetime Warranty.

  • Ergonomically-friendly, easily adjusting from the floor to more than seven feet to ensure ideal posture for repairs of all bicycle areas.

  • Right Arm Repair Clamp is compatible with all seatposts and features balanced rotation that takes up minimal space.

  • Only 2" of exposed seat post required - no more raising the seat to place your bike in a work stand! Never lose your seat height adjustment again!

  • Clamp the bike on the floor before you lift. No more supporting and stabilizing the bike while you try to clamp it!

  • Conservative estimates show one EZ-Lift Repair stand saves a busy service department at least 78 hours per year.

Ready to Order? Place your deposit by calling us at 971-258-0925, emailing info@efficientvelo.com, or select your configuration and ship date above to order via this website.

  • The balance of the total price + shipping less the deposit will be due on the ship date.

    • Example: Single EZ-Lift deposit is $500 to place the order and reserve a spot on the production schedule. The remaining $1800.00 + Shipping & Handling is due on the ship date. Total price will be $2300 + Shipping & Handling.

    • Example: EZ-Lift Twin deposit is $1000 to place the order and reserve a spot on the production schedule. The remaining $3200.00 + Shipping & Handling is due on the ship date. Total price will be $4200 + Shipping & Handling

  • We will invoice you via email when your stand is ready.

  • Prices do not include shipping - this will be calculated based on your exact location.

    • Approximate shipping for contiguous United States:

      • EZ-Lift: $165-$285

      • EZ-LIft Twin: $250-$350

    • Please inquire for Alaska, Hawaii, and international shipping quotes.

    • You are welcome to pick up from our HQ or arrange your own freight.


– Counterbalance system provides approximately 18 lbs of lifting assistance.
– Versatile design can be used for a variety of bicycles, from road bikes to e-bikes.
– Mechanism is air-damped to control speed.
– Close tolerances ensure minimal friction, and fingertip pressure is enough to position the clamp.
– Bronze bushings for smooth action.
– Base features rounded edges.
– Color: Signature EVT Red.
– Custom colors are available at an additional cost, please contact an EVT sales representative for more details.
– Freight shipping is an option for orders of six or more stands.
– Baseplate comes pre-drilled for a variety of configurations: Single stand mounted on center, single stand mounted off-center, two stands mounted back-to-back, or two stands mounted side-to-side

EZ-Lift Repair Stand Specifications:

– Total Repair Stand Height (from floor to top of pulley): 89.5”
– Can be cut shorter to fit shops with lower ceilings, please inquire for details.
– Baseplate Dimensions: 22.5” x 22.5” x .75”.
– Shipping Weight and Dimensions (Three Total Boxes):
– Small Parts: 22 lbs, 17” x 13” x 11”
– Main Column: 69 lbs, 85” x 9” x 9”
– Baseplate: 112 lbs, 23” x 23” x 1”