Slider Crown Race Press

Slider Crown Race Press


Call 971-258-0925 or Email: to place an order. The Trigger Wheel Dishing Instrument is a handmade item and is currently on backorder. Placing an order can only be done by calling or emailing us - this item is not available for web orders at this time.

Signature Series*

The Slider Crown Race Press is an incredibly easy to use slide-hammer system that accurately presses crown races with perfect alignment.

This tool confidently and quickly gets the job done with no guess work and the best-available protection of your client’s property. Includes five precision adapters: Crown race and Baseplate in 1” and 1-1/8” sizes, plus the new 1-1/2″ Baseplate. This tool also includes an adapter for the top of 1” steer tubes for perfect alignment. All adapters are laser-etched with identification info, and the wooden block to hold adapters is included.

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*Signature Series tools are one-price-for-all, and are not intended for resale. This means the price for Signature Series products is the same for both qualified professional bicycle mechanics and general consumers.